• Visit to Carlos III University 14 febrero 2017 Carlos III is one of the most go-ahead universities in Spain with many degrees in English and many others which are bilingual so naturally it is very popular with our students. On the 9th of February 35 students visited the Getafe campus. We were given an introduction to the university and all it offers by […] NoticiasVisitas
  • Take One Picture 09 febrero 2017 This year our classes in Montessori School Enebral enjoyed taking part in the ‘Take One Picture’ project again. Take One Picture is a scheme started by The National Gallery in London, where schools have to form their curriculum around a piece of art for two weeks. This years artwork was ‘The Bully of the Neighbourhood’ […] EventosNoticias
  • Year 6 Enebral project on Climate Change 17 enero 2017 Year 6 in Montessori School Enebral have created four animations depicting ‘Before the Flood’, Leonardo Di Caprio’s recent documentary on Climate Change. We want to make everyone aware of the problems of climate change and the possible solutions. Before the Flood. Lego animation. Noticias
  • Nueve alumnos de Montessori School consiguen la mejor nota de España y del mundo. 28 diciembre 2016 Un año más los alumnos de Montessori consiguen menciones especiales a la mejor nota de España y del mundo en los exámenes de Cambridge,  este año han sido 9 los alumnos los que han sido merecedores de dicha mención: Un brillante Alejandro Epelde que ha conseguido la mejor nota de España en tres asignaturas diferentes […] EventosNoticias