• Curso de buceo en Montessori School 16 March 2017 Sorry, this entry is only available in Español. CoursesSportsNews
  • Ténico Superior en Educación Infantil 26 June 2016 Sorry, this entry is only available in Español. CoursesEventsNews
  • Sustainable Development talks 17 February 2016 On Wednesday 10th February, Year 7 students attended an informative talk about sustainable development in relation to the subject of landscapes and environment that we have been studying this month. Mónica Andrés is the managing director in Spain for YARA IBERIAN, S.A. group. CoursesEventsNews
  • Sucess at the Math contest 01 February 2016 Last November, a team composed by 6 students represented our school at the ‘Intercentros de Matemáticas de la Comunidad de Madrid’ contest, organized by the ‘Universidad Complutense’. These students were: Gonzalo Sancho and Jorge López from Year 12, Alejandro Epelde and Livia Eiroa, from year 11, and Sergio Paniego and Germán Barrio from year 9. […] CoursesEventsNews