Educational practice


Montessori Schools are private centres that offer an education based on all the best aspects of the British educational system and the educational philosophy of the Montessori method.

Our educational package is totally adapted to Spanish students who want to study in English. The studies are approved by both the British and the Spanish educational authorities, therefore students finish their Bachillerato with a double qualification and they have the option of going to University in Spain, the United Kingdom or most other countries.

Our priority is the personal development of each individual student, and we adapt the educational system to them, instead of adapting them to the system. Thus we offer an education with methods and resources that allow them to attain their maximum potential and develop as confident and independent young adults. We observe their achievements and we give them individual attention and the support that they need to ensure their progress.

We offer an educational environment in which learning is attractive and students feel encouraged and supported. We applaud responsibility, tolerance, and mutual respect and collaboration.