Our Education

In our centres we endeavour to adapt Montessori Phylosophy to a modern programme delivering a high quality of education to all our pupils. As a British School we offer English as the core language form Early Years onwords. Primary and Secondary Education is founded in the English National Curriculum. The English curriculum is completely compatible with the Montessori method as it is based on a practical and investigative education which develops thinking skills , analysis and problem solving.

Our objetive is to give our pupils:

  • a programme of study that complies with The English National Curriculum and the necessary components of the Spanish Education programme, offering a wide choice of subjects to all our pupils.
  • access to international qualifications which allow entrance to higher education in Spain and world wide.
  • Teaching methods and resources that allow all pupils to reach their potential and develop as self-confident and independent students.
  • a school environment in which teaching and learning are attractive and stimulate and support our students.
  • the necessary supervision, individual attention and assessment to secure progress and support each pupils personal needs.
  • an educational environment that demands responsibility, tolerance, collaboration and respect towards others.
  • an education that cares for all aspects of a child´s development, providing opportunities for activities and social development that enhance the academic programme.
  • the necessary support and adaptation to ensure the pupils, for whom English is not the mother tongue, are able to benefit from all aspects of British education.
  • opportunities through which parents can collaborate with the school in the interest of their children.