Education System

A demanding programme with flexibility, guidance and support for the student


Foundation Stage (Now available from 0 to 3 years old)

In the Foundation Stage (from 0 to 5 years old) the children follow a teaching programme in English, whose essential goals are based upon the “Early Years” programme of the British system, together with the focus and specific activities adapted from the Montessori method. With this programme, the children who are not native speakers receive the necessary grounding in English to go on to the British Primary Education Curriculum when they reach the age of five.



Throughout primary education, children study the English National Curriculum together with a daily lesson in Spanish Language and Culture. Montessori activities are incorporated into this structure. The result is an academic programme in which 85% is taught in English and the remaining 15% in Spanish. Chinese language continues to be taught, this being substituted by German language in the last two years of primary.



In secondary education students continue studying the National British Curriculum, together with Spanish Language and Social Sciences. They also continue to study German as a third language.

Having completed their secondary education, the students receive the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) qualification.

Following on from this, they complete their studies by preparing for the General Certificate of Education “A” Le- vel and “AS” Level qualifications. They are able to choose from a wide range of optional subjects according to their own personal preferences or needs.

In addition to this, throughout secondary school, we prepare students for internationally recognised English exams such as First Certificate or Proficiency.


Access to higher education

The IGCSE and GCE certificates are recognised worldwide and therefore students are able to apply for university places in Britain, United States, and other countries. In Spain these qualifications are accepted as equivalent to “ESO” and “Bachillerato” and students can apply directly for places in Spanish Universities. Specific preparation for Spanish University entrance exams is included in the programme of studies in Years 12 and 13.

Our former students have gone on to study, or have successfully completed, university degrees in many areas including Medicine, Engineering, Economics, Business Studies, Humanities and Languages.